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About our Organization

Hello Bashaw Families! Welcome back to school. I have been serving as your PTO president for the past four years. I know what you are thinking. What person, in their right mind would willingly lose sleep to make flyers, spend many hours working on activities, work hard sorting through endless catalogs and promotional material looking for the perfect fundraiser in which no one really wants to participate? Here’s the deal. There is no way I could stand by and say, “Someone else will probably do it.” I, like you, want the best for my son, and that includes the best education. The best education for all our students requires a coordinating effort from administration, teachers, students, and of course families. A good education also requires money, enriching programs, up-to-date instructional material, as well as the ever evolving, expensive need of technology. The PTO needs your money and your time to help support the programs that help your children stay healthy and make gains in the classroom. Being current with instructional material is vital for the children’s success.

It is up to our families to help supplement the costs that are incurred by our very own children. The school simply does not have the funds to do it alone. The PTO also acts as an ambassador for ALL students, making sure that each child has a voice and the opportunity to grow up and realize success.

It would be so easy to say that the PTO is just for stay-at-home-parents. Wrong! The PTO is for families and schools to work together to create the ideal learning environment for all children. It is no wonder that the schools with the highest ratings also have the highest number of volunteers. So, this school year, I encourage you to get involved when you can, give donations when you can, and attend meetings and activities as a family when you can. When you have done all that you can, watch your child grow and develop into something amazing!

Mark Laraway


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Mark Laraway


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Communication Secretary

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Vice President

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